Praying God's Word

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee"

- Ps. 119:11

"Abiding in Jesus   -   The Living Word   -   is fostered by abiding in His word to us."

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Pray God's Word?

Dear Reader - Wouldn’t you agree with me that it is rather rude and unnatural to simply ignore someone when they have had something loving and well-intentioned to say to you?

One way our Lord speaks to us is through His word.   2 Timothy 3:16 explains: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”

So, we find that the Lord speaks to us through His word – enlightening us, instructing us, encouraging us, correcting us…  Why would we not answer Him as He speaks?

There are many appropriate answers and responses to our Lord, unique to our relationship with the Lord, as there is in any relationship.   Perhaps:   “I see. Oh, how I have failed in this Lord! I repent. Forgive me and grant me the grace to do better now.”   Or, “How delightful to learn this Lord! Thank you for helping me understand! By your grace grant that I may use this knowledge selflessly.”   You get the idea.   As the Lord teaches, trains, corrects and speaks to us by His word, it is only reasonable to respond and answer Him:  to pray His word, in response, back to Him.

We need to be praying God’s word over our lives.   When we receive the text, “forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors”, it requires soul-searching.   “Father, show me how I have not forgiven.   Help me to be more like you.   Father, I forgive.   Help my un-forgiveness!”   And when we read, “pray for those who persecute you”, in many cases I find that I need to be asking God for the grace to do that instead of how else I might allow the darkness and deceitfulness of my heart to respond.   When I read from Psalm 1, am I asking God to reveal to me if I am “accepting the counsel of the ungodly” – and repenting of it?

But you see what is happening here, right?   My prayer, my answer and response may not be at all what is appropriate for you, as you interact with the Lord in a sincerely personal way – the most meaningful way.

Yet, I can see how this section of Fresh Acclaim can serve the role of helping you in getting started, and fostering a prayer habit.  As a starting spark, I am presenting example prayers of mine.  You are welcome to pray these prayers, if they are helpful to you along the way in your walk with the Lord.   I hope to add a prayer each evening, as the Lord directs me.  It would be a joy to me if you were able to have a bit of Scripture and a new prayer each new morning  (you may need to refresh your browser).   (All Scripture – the Law, the Prophets, the Psalms, N.T. Epistles, Revelation – all is worthy of us taking in, responding to and praying. I begin with Psalms   though because they seem to me most readily prayed and related to by all, helping a good habit to form.)   So, check back often!  

Better yet, eventually I hope that you will begin offering your own prayers, questions and answers to the Lord as He speaks to you, by praying His word back to Him in unique response.  Listen  to what the Lord is telling you through his word.  Then respond from your heart in obedience, as is appropriate.   Even if simply:  "Help me understand this Lord!" (Something I have often asked of the Lord)  Praying from your heart is by far preferred   over praying the examples I set forth here as kindling.   I am confident the Lord would rather hear directly from you.   So, open your bibles, read, listen and pray!

Answering the Lord, praying His word, fosters us abiding in Him, and in His word.    An important aspect of this is that we sucessfully “hide” the word of God in our hearts.     There is certainly a place for study and memorization of scripture in facilitating this, and many have been successful in by doing so.   I have found myself wanting in these areas  . God’s word says that “knowledge puffs up”,   reminding us that head knowledge can lead to pride.   I have sinned in that way, with my theological studies.   Hardly placing or “hiding” His word in my heart!     And, as a child, I memorized much scripture, primarily I think to please my parents and teachers in the church, as I rattled off scripture.   But, not at that time out of a love or motivation for the Lord, though that did come later.   Because I was weak in those areas does not lay that same weakness at everyone’s feet.   Study and memorization can be of great value when utilized appropriately!   The whole of scripture clearly shows this.   But I have also experienced the weakness of the flesh that scriptures warns of.   What I have found for me is that the Lord has helped me hide His word in my heart as I have carefully considered and sincerely prayed His word, bringing myself into conformance with it.   So I learned that for me and others this can be an important way as well to hide God’s word in our hearts.    If you have not yet done so, I would encourage you to read “Scripture Is Given” found at the “Lets Be Real” area of Fresh Acclaim, which relates.

Abiding in Jesus   -   the Living "Word" (as an expression of God the Father to us)   -   is fostered by abiding in His word to us.  Jesus' words impart truth and life because Jesus is the incarnation of truth and life.   Scripture teaches us that all things were made through Jesus, that He spoke and worlds came into existence  (John 1:3; Isaiah 48:12-16 and elsewhere).   As He and the Father are "one", so all of Scripture is also Jesus' words to us.

There is much blessing in store for us as we abide in His word...   According to John 8: 31-32,  IF we abide in His word we will be His true disciples.   If that is our desire, we need to be abiding in both the living "Word" ("abide" as used in John 15), and in His word to us ("abide" as used in John 8), by shunning worldly distractions and allowing the light of Jesus’ presence and His word to fill our hearts, change our hearts, conform ourselves to His word, and yes  - also by praying  His word.

- Jim B.

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Open your Bibles please!   (Or, place your cursor over Scripture references below for a pop-up of the text)    (Scroll down for new content)

Psalm 1: 1-2 (KJV)   Psalm 1: 1-2 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God, I know that in times past I have indulged evil and wicked opinions, and walked in sinful and wicked paths and tolerated those who mock you, just as you talk about here.   I have repented.   You know Father that I have turned my back to that.  Please reveal to me Father   -   do I still do so?  Why then do I foolishly tolerate any of the world’s entertainment through such as "Ok" television?   Oh Father, may I not grieve you with such!  I would rather take joy in your Word day and night – may such sweet times with you grow more and more in my walk with you!   May you be pleased.   And, may I be blessed: enjoying happiness and favor from your hand, as you promise here in your Word to me.   Thank you Father for your patience with me, thank you for your blessing and presence in my life!   May your name be praised on my lips and in my heart, through Jesus your Son.   Amen”

Psalm 1: 3 (KJV)   Psalm 1: 3 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God, Thank you.   Thank you!   What rich blessings you generously promise and give to those abiding in your Word.   That we might be like a tree - not a little shrub, but a tree!   A tree that does not need to fear when heat bears down, or be anxious in times of drought, because you have set it beside your never-ending stream  –  we are amply refreshed by you, and able to grow.   Thank you that you grant us fruit in our Season  –  that we might have the joy of sharing your goodness, and the prosperity you have shown towards us with others as well.   Help me to be more like you   –   quickly responding and generous towards others when you prompt me.   Thank you indeed for this blessing Father!”

Psalm 92: 12-15 (KJV)   Psalm 92: 12-15 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God, I am reminded of this word from you for us as well.   Oh Father!   How great and marvelous are your plans for us and thoughts towards us!   That you give us straight growth like the cedar tree and development in such a vigorous way because you plant us in such a good environment   –   your house, and your very courts!   Thank you Father.   It is because of your work and your Spirit in our lives,   -  that here on earth we are your temple, and your courts.   So I look forward to being able to be green and full of your juices, bearing fruit even into old age.   I know that this I can count on this if I stay in dependence on you, for you are my rock Father, by your Son in my life and because your word is sure, since there is no unrighteousness in you!  I place my faith in you Father, as my rock, through your Son, my Savior, Jesus.  Amen.”

Psalm 1: 4-6 (KJV)   Psalm 1: 4-6 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God, I choose not to stand with the ungodly  -  for their end is as certain as your sure Word!  I want to be in the gathering of your righteous.  Father, know my way, and may you be glorified in all.   My Lord and Savior Jesus, I earnestly desire and look forward to hearing from you one day:  “Yes, I know you”.   Father, I know you because you have so generously sent your Son to make yourself known, and so you have provided the way.   May your way in my life be my way daily.   Make straight your way in my life Lord  –   that I quickly repent when needed and stay on a course which pleases you.   Lead me in your paths of righteousness, and know my way.   For your name’s sake Father, and through your Son, my Savior, Jesus.   Amen”

Psalm 92: 7-9 (KJV)   Psalm 92: 7-9 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God, I am reminded of this word from you which is so fitting here in light of your word from Psalm 1.  I see Father that I can expect that the wicked will sprout up like grass and flourish.   And Jesus, I remember that you taught this in parable also.   But, because you Father are high and over all forever, and because my hope is in you, I can have your peace and not fear evildoers, for again I am reminded that in the end your enemies shall perish.   Grant that those you have chosen find repentance Father and trust in your Son for salvation Father, that many may be spared!  Thank you Father for your strong and sure hand in our lives, overcoming in spite of what we see raging about us.  I place my faith in you Father, and your way, through your Son, my Savior, Jesus.  Amen.”

Psalm 2: 1-3 (KJV)   Psalm 2: 1-3 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God, the psalmist asks why do the peoples plot in vain against you?   And nothing has changed in my time Father!   Today too where I live authorities plot against your ways and your people.   I know you as LORD over all, so I am not dismayed.   Forgive me for ever doubting you Father!   I join with your apostles when they looked on this your Word and prayed:   ‘Now, Lord, look upon their threats and grant to your servants to continue to speak your work with all boldness, while you stretch out your hand to heal and signs and wonders are performed through the name of Jesus.’   Father thank you for your hand in my life  –   grant me boldness to quickly speak of you in truth as is pleasing to you, and may all glory be to you through Jesus, thankfully my Savior.   Amen”

Psalm 2: 6-7 (KJV)   Psalm 2: 6-7 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God you have established your King.   King on your holy hill, King over all.   Thank you Father.   May your Kingdom come to earth.   May His Kingdom flourish soon.   Father, my mind cannot yet properly perceive your being, forgive me and help me.   But as you say, your King is your ‘begotten’ Son – so I perceive in my limited way, Him to be in same kind as you.   As you are eternal, He is eternal.   As you are worthy of glory, He is worthy of glory.   As you are God, He is God.   God the Father, God the Son.   By your grace offered to me, may I day to day, and always, give proper allegiance, obeisance, submission and honor to your King, my King, my Savior, from the utter depth and sincerity of my being and actions.   Father, I bow before your King, your Son, recognizing Him as my Lord and Savior, Jesus   -   and by your mercy and grace, by His sacrifice for me, may I be acceptable to you.   Amen”

Psalm 5: 7-8 (KJV)   Psalm 5: 7-8 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father,   Righteous Father,   I am reminded that I come before you because of your faithful, unchanging love for me.   I come before you through Jesus, whom you sent for my sake, because of your amazing love.   I bow Father, and I pray that my heart is bowing before you as well Father   –   out of reverential awe and respect for you.   Almighty!   Yet, my Father!   Lead me, good Shepherd, and lover of my soul, in your righteous way   –   and may your way be my way, and by your grace may it be a straight way, pathed with stones of quick repentance and humility, that it might remain straight.   Through Jesus, your Son, my Lord and Savior, whom I belong to, for He purchased me with His blood,   Amen”

Psalm 5: 11-12 (KJV)   Psalm 5: 11-2 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father,   Righteous Father,   I claim your name.   I claim your promises.   I take refuge in you.   So, Father, when I look about and see storms raging in this dark world, may I remember to rejoice, and even sing for joy.   I confess, sometimes it is not easy Father!   Help me Father.   Help me keep my eyes on you and your Son, who gave Himself for us, and promised to never leave us or forsake us.   May I look to you Jesus,   lover of my soul,   even as Peter did during the raging storm!   For I see your promise here Lord, and I believe that you spread your protection over those who love your name.   By your strength given to me through your Spirit, by your grace, may I ever trust you and delight in you   –   grant that I might even leap for joy, because of you, in spite of what I see around me.   May I see you more!   I look to your blessing and your shield.   Amen.”

Psalm 8: 1-4 (KJV)   Psalm 8: 1-4 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “O Righteous Father God,   The brilliance of your majesty is on full display in the heavens.   With astonishing wonder I gaze on the lights you have set in place.   I cannot take them all in, or even understand the breadth of your creation.   Yet you know them all and your brilliance is over all these.   Nevertheless, you bring yourself to infants and grant them strong words to silence your enemies.   Who else could?   Who else would?   Only you Father.   And Father, how can it be?   You sent your dearest and only begotten Son to carry a cross, forsaken for me, to carry my sin and die in my stead.   Who else could?   Who else would?   Only you Father.   Only you my Lord and Savior, Jesus.   How can I take in what you do, who you are, how you care?!   I bow before you in humbled adoration, my Father, my Lord, my Savior.”

Psalm 9: 15-20 (KJV)   Psalm 9: 15-20 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Righteous Father God,   I am reminded here in your word that nations and individuals who plot against you and your way end up caught in the work of their own hands, caught in the snares they set for others.   Your righteous judgment Father.   Protect me from such foolishness Father.   May I quickly forgive and seek the best for my enemies as well.   Thank you Father that you have not forgotten the needy and that the poor can rely on you.   And may the nations know that you rule the kingdoms of earth, let all mere flesh recognize and be in awe of you Lord.   And may your will and rule ever reign in my life Father.   Amen”

Psalm 10: 12-15 (KJV)   Psalm 10: 12-15 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Righteous Father God,   I take heart Father and look to you to set things right.   Though the wicked say in their heart:   ‘We will not be held accountable’,   you will take things into your hands.   I trust you to do so Father.   For, you do see their source of harm and irritation.   You see and I know that you will handle it in your time Father.   Victims and orphans can trust in you and be reassured.   Thank you Father!   Thank you that you see.   Thank you that you care and take action.   Break the means of the wicked to oppress others, and hold them accountable as only you can.   I place myself, my concern in your hands Father.   Amen.”

Psalm 11: 1-7 (KJV)   Psalm 11: 1-7 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Loving Heavenly Father,   By all means I must take refuge in you!   For the enemy of my soul constantly seeks to tear down and destroy.   Indeed, what I am to do if my foundation is destroyed?   But it can never be!   Praise be to you Father!   For you have set your eternal Son as a cornerstone for those who place their faith in Him   –  a sure foundation indeed!   No destroyed foundation here Father!   I am safe in you for nothing is out of your sight Father  –  thank you for that.   When I am tested, by your grace, by your strength made perfect in my weakness, may your way prevail, and may you be pleased.   Take my heart LORD, write your words on it, that your way would be made straight in my life, and that I might stay in your way, and be ready to please you.   Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, I so look forward to seeing you one day, and I know it will be because of your good work in my life.   Thank you Father.   Amen.”

Psalm 16: 1-2 (KJV)   Psalm 16: 1-2 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father in Heaven,   It is ever worthwhile to take refuge in you.   Apart from you, we are lost in our sins and there is no life, only transitory and fleeting things of this perishing world.   In you Father God I have life itself and everything of value in life   –   true love, joy, peace.   For out of your infinite and steadfast mercy flows forgiveness and goodness into my life.   Thank you Father!   Amen.”

Psalm 16: 5-8 (KJV)   Psalm 16: 5-8 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   My choice, my selection is you LORD  –  you are what I must have for sustenance, for my all in all.   All else that this world offers is fleeting, disappointing and perishing.   You are my cup   –   my satisfying refreshment.   Why would I choose any other Lord?   You grant me birthright in your family, and that which descends to your heirs.   Thank you Father!   How great is your mercy and goodness!   Your advice brings health and healing to my heart and mind and your word which I have planted in my heart instructs me even in the darkest of times.   Therefore I set my focus and trust and faith in you Father, you are my strength and with me in the activity I set my hand to.   I know that by your strength and grace I shall not be moved from your way.   May your name be praised Father.   Amen”

Psalm 17: 6-7 (KJV)   Psalm 17: 6-7 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   Father, thank you for being a God who sees and hears and answers me.   Who am I that you would pay attention to me Lord?   Yet, because of your unwavering, settled and firm love, you listen to and answer me, even me.   And Father, all about me the enemy of my soul seeks to cause harm to me.   Where will I flee except to you Father?   I recognize that you alone Father, are stronger than all that would come against me.   And I take comfort Father in knowing as you remind me here Father, that you are a Savior to those who seek refuge at your right hand.   Thank you for hearing, thank you for your strong right hand sheltering me!   Amen.”

Psalm 18: 2, 31-32, 46 (KJV)   Psalm 18: 2, 31-32, 46 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   There are so many well intentioned loved ones all around who mean it when they say, “I’ve got your back”.   Thank you for them Father.   May they be blessed.   Yet, Father, may I never place my faith in them as a rock.   For the arm of the flesh is weak – but you are not!   Indeed, even every breath that comes to us all is from your Lord.   And may I certainly never place my faith in temporary things of this world Father as a rock.   Even nations come and go, rise and fall by your hand Father.   Father, show me if I am placing my faith in something I should not  -  sometimes I am tempted to Father.   May I quickly turn to placing my trust and faith in only you Lord!   Father, thank you that I have work, and many good things that you provide.   Father, Lord  –   you are my Rock though, there can be no other   –  for only you can strengthen me on the inside, preparing me for whatever you allow into my life.   For you are the one who made me, knows me, hears my inner cries, and only you can quicken my spirit.   Only you Lord can save me and only you Lord can give me the strength to walk in a manner pleasing to you.   I praise your name Father for you alone are worthy and you alone are my true Rock.   I place my faith in you Lord as my Rock   -  for my needs in this life, my future, my eternal destiny, and for strength during my walk on earth, that I may stay in your pathway for me going forward.   Hallowed by thy name Father.   Amen.”

Psalm 19: 1-4 (KJV)   Psalm 19: 1-4 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   A full statement of your glory is made known publicly in every language on earth, to those who would open their eyes to see and their hearts to hear.   You have made yourself evident Father, to the ends of the earth, day after day, night after night, and we are left without excuse for not knowing you.   From the beginning of history Father, your presence and your glory has been clearly displayed and perceived that we may begin to know you if we would but only honor you in our hearts.   Father, thank you for going beyond even this though and visiting us in person and speaking to us through your only begotten Son, that we might know you more intimately and be forgiven our sins.   I choose to accept and honor your Son who gave Himself in obedient sacrifice, not only for me but for all who have a heart to accept.   I review in awesome wonder your display of glory and your hand in dealing with us.   Thank you Father.   Amen.”

Psalm 19: 14 (KJV)   Psalm 19: 14 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God,   I confess that I have so often failed in this!   Forgive me Father.   By your grace please work this word every day in my life.   From the moment I wake Father, may this be my prayer and may my mouth be closed to saying things that are not pleasing to you.   By your grace may I always speak truth, hope and love into the lives of others as I meet them   –   in keeping with who you are   –   because you have bought me and I belong to you.   Father Lord, you are my rock   –   so I lean on you and look to you to accomplish this in my heart and mind.   May your word grow in me, wash me, and transform me by your Spirit into one who is pleasing to you.   By your grace Father, by your strength, may what is on my lips and in my heart be ever acceptable to you.   I come before you Father through your only begotten Son, my Savior.   Amen.”

Psalm 20: 7-8 (KJV)   Psalm 20: 7-8 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God,   From what I see, it seems so very common for people to place their trust for their own well-being in the work of their hands   –   in “chariots” and various technologies.   And in “horses”   –   whatever strength they can find and muster.   Father, whether it regards their work or careers, medicine, travel, communication, entertainment, financial security or whatever, so many readily place their trust in the very best toys and weapons they can lay their hands on.   Help me to guard my heart Father   –   for it is easy and alluring for me also to be caught up in that mindset if I don’t stay focused on you Father.   Father, by your Spirit, by your grace, may I place and keep my firm trust and faith in your name   –   in your authority, for you are Lord over all.   Father, by your grace may I stay focused on your eternal strength and authority, and not placing my hope in the things of the world I see about me.   For, as you have said Father, what is seen in temporary, set to rust or fade away or be burned up, but what is unseen, your kingdom, your authority, is forever.   I want to be found standing in you and your righteous way Father.   By your sufficient grace may it ever be so.   Amen.”

Psalm 21: 7 (KJV); Psalm 21:13 (KJV)   Psalm 21: 7, 13 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God,   Not only your king David, but all who belong to you and I as well place my trust, my firm belief in your integrity, ability, strength, power and genuineness of your love LORD.   I believe and accept your word here to me.   Wash me by your word, and cause my faith to grow in who you are, for your love for me is firmly fixed in place;   not subject to change;   and firm in allegiance towards me so that I can rely on your love to be constant and dependable.   Thank you for placing a song of praise in my heart.   Thank you that because of your unchanging and steady love, you gave your only begotten Son as my Savior and I need not depart from your presence.   Father, you are indeed the “Most High” above all your creation.   May you always be exalted in my heart, and on my lips.   Through your only begotten Son, I humbly and in thanksgiving come before you Father,   Amen.”

Psalm 22: 1, 6-8, 14, 16-18, 27, 29 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God,   Hasten the day when all the earth knows what you have done.   May the day come soon when all will bow before you and remember…   that you gave your Son…   Indeed, Father, you sent Jesus, your Son, my God and my Savior, you sent Him and He willingly gave Himself, to die, for me.   When I come to these words Lord, I know that this transcends King David’s experience.   You gave David words of prophecy Lord  -   I realize I tread on holy ground, here you share your heart, your diary while on the cross is shared with me.   And I see, indeed, Lord Jesus, you allowed yourself to be forsaken for me.   Scorned for me indeed.   Mocked for me indeed.   Can it be?   All of your bones out of joint for me…  indeed.   Your hands and your feet pierced for me indeed.   Naked you hung   –   your clothing a matter of wagering   –   and this for me.   Taking my place.   Father, hasten the day when all the earth knows what you have done.   May the day come soon when all will bow before you and remember…   Amen.”

Psalm 24: 3-6; 25: 3-4, 7, 11, 14-15 (ESV)   

Prayer:    “Father God,   I want to ascent your hill, in your holy place one day, and I look to you Father to accomplish that for me.   I have confidence that you will pluck my feet out of the net because of your steadfast love, and allow me to look on your beauty   –   so remember me Father.   I place my hope in you and know that I will not be put to shame, for you Father are always faithful, though I lack.   Teach me your ways father, and by your grace, may my hands be found clean before you.   Wash me and I will be clean Father.   Wash me by your Spirit and your word.   Wash me in the blood of your Son   –   your living Word given.   By your grace grant that I do not involve my soul in false and temporary things, but rather walk in your light with your Spirit.   Indeed Father, grant that I might before you ever be true, repentant and come before you in fear and in reverential awe, that I might even be called your friend.   For your name’s sake LORD, and through your Son, Amen.”


At this time, I think that it is good to remind you of something that I said in the introduction to this section:   “Praying from your heart is by far preferred over praying the examples I set forth here as kindling.   I am confident the Lord would rather hear directly from you.   So, open your bibles, read, listen and pray!”

For this reason, I believe that it good to pause for now from posting examples of praying the Psalms, so as to urge you to pray God’s word and the Psalms directly, fostering your sweet communion with the Lord.   I am firmly convinced that when you come before the Lord in prayer, it is your heart He is delighted to hear from, as He works His word in you.

I will be praying that you be much blessed dear reader as you abide in His word and in our Living Word.  -  Jim B.

A FEW EXAMPLES FOR PRAYING FROM ISAIAH...   Click to toggle open/close and pray with...

Open your Bibles please!   (Or, place your cursor over Scripture references below for a pop-up of the text)

Isaiah 1: 2 (KJV)   Isaiah 1: 2 (ESV)    Deuteronomy 30:19 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father,   Righteous Father,   I listen as you call your court to session:   ‘Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth; for the LORD has spoken…’   You call heaven and earth to witness.   You are justly and rightly our judge Father, and our crime is rebellion.  My   crime is rebellion:   As you say Father, ‘ they have rebelled against me’.   Father, may there be no further rebellion in my heart towards you!   Search my heart with the Searchlight of your Spirit, reveal any to me, and by your grace, may I choose to immediately discard any remnant of rebellion towards you Father!   I am willing Lord.   By your grace afforded to me in Jesus, I choose your way, your truth, your healing.   May you be pleased with my heart towards you Father.   I am reminded Father that your prophet Moses invoked this same expression from your heart when he called out:   ‘I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse.   Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live, loving the LORD your God, obeying His voice and holding fast to Him, for He is your life and length of days.’   Father, I choose life.   Life that you offer in your Son, my Savior.   May your name be praised!   Amen”

Isaiah 1: 4-31 (KJV)   Isaiah 1: 4-31 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father,   Righteous Father,   I see this crime of rebellion against you in the fullness of its ugly detail, and your pain over the matter!   ‘they have forsaken the LORD, they have despised the Holy One of Israel, they are utterly estranged.’;   ‘Why, will you still be struck down?   Why will you continue to rebel?’;   ‘there is no soundness in it, but bruises and sores and raw wounds’;   ‘If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;   but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be eaten by the sword…’   So, Father, I see the consequences both for me personally and corporately for my nation.   I see Father from your perspective the multitude of vain offerings, and the keeping of solemn assemblies and feasts and prayers though hearts, deeds and hands are full of iniquity.   You reveal not just the hearts of the Israelites, but you see into all hearts, mine as well.   Father, reveal iniquity in my heart when I come before you.   And, may I quickly renounce it.   Father, how are my hands unclean?   What sin do I allow in my life though I come before you in prayer or assemble with the church?   Do I care for the fatherless and the widow, or any in need as pleases you?   Grant me repentance Father!   Father, grant repentance and revival to the Body of Christ, in churches throughout our land.   Father, grant repentance and revival to our culture, to our land.   May our hearts collectively turn to you and your ways Father!   Father, I see your desire that we have healing instead of bruises and sores and raw wounds.   Thank you Father for your invitation:   ‘Come…though your sins be as scarlet…they shall be white as snow’!   Made possible by nothing less than the blood of Jesus your Son and my Savior!   How utterly undeserving I am.   How utterly amazing the depths of your love Father!   I come Father.   I come.   I repent.   I seek rest in your healing Father.   Thank you for redeeming me as you promise here Father.   Thank you.   Amen.”

Isaiah 2:1 - 4:6 (KJV)   Isaiah 2:1 - 4:6 (ESV)

Prayer:    ““O Righteous Father,   What contrast Father!   When I consider the words of your prophet, the highs and lows are like a symphony of beauty and tragedy.   From “…they shall beat their swords into plowshares… come, let us walk in the light of the LORD”  to  “...Behold, darkness and distress; and the light is darkened by its clouds.”   Beginning with excited, happy, hopeful people running to you Father and ending with abject terror, realizing their hopelessness and absolute desperation.   Father, what causes such terrible consequences along the way when yet we see the beautiful outcome which will come one day?   Save us from ourselves Father!   For the cause seems to be our own prideful, arrogant trust in man, filled with everything but you Father God.   I see your prophet tell of people filling their land with idols, and bowing down to the work of their hands, with haughty looks.   And you remind us Father:   ‘Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?’   Indeed Father, our breath is all that separates us from eternity  –   and that is dependent on you, so why should we hold ourselves in such high regard?   Oh Father   –   I see your words here and I see my modern culture as well.   I see Father your judgment on men and the collapse of leadership when occupied on self, I see a focus on women who have lost their sense of purpose and dignity of fulfilling womanhood through compassionate hearts and instead seek after gaining attention.   Thank you Father that you found a way to save us from ourselves and our foolish, evil ways!   Thank you Father that one day the glorious result of your salvation will be that in that day ‘the branch of the LORD shall be beautiful and glorious…and a refuge and shelter from the storm and rain.’   I so look forward Father Lord to that day when I can, with other brothers and sisters who belong to you, go up to your mountain Lord, learn of your ways, and walk in the paths you have for us.   Thank you for your salvation Father!   Amen.” ”

Isaiah 3: 8 (KJV)   Isaiah 3: 8 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   When I come to your word, search my heart with your Spirit and your word, and put a prayer of your words in my heart, that I might always find cleansing and healing in my life.   Father, when I read here that “their speech and their deeds are against the LORD, defying His glorious presence”…   Do I need to be pointing a finger at myself?   Do I need to pray:   ‘Father, I have had speech today which did not honor you, was against you, and what I did defied your glory.   Forgive me Father, and by your grace, may it not be so again…’   Or, in light of the end of this chapter – ‘Father, I have sought to draw attention to myself in vanity…’?   I seek you and your Living Word in your word Father.   Use your word to bring me into conformity with your way for me, through Jesus your Son and my Savior…   Amen”

Isaiah 5: 1-4 (KJV)   Isaiah 5: 1-4 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father,   Righteous Father,   Search my heart and show me Lord   –   what bad fruit is there in my life?   I see here in your word how you worked so hard in your vineyard   –   you did everything necessary to help your people yield fruit pleasing to you…   clearing the stones, choice vines, a watchtower to protect…   Your grace is sufficient!   Yet, rebellious hearts did not yield choice grapes, but wild grapes instead.   And your heartbreak Father   –   What more was there to do?   Why, why did it yield wild grapes?   O Father, reveal to me fruit in my life, behavior in my life which is not pleasing to you, and may I repent quickly!   By your sufficient grace Father, Amen”

Isaiah 5: 8-10 (KJV)   Isaiah 5: 8-10 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father God,   Here Father, I see in your word the first of the wild grapes which break your heart.   I can't help but call them ‘Counterfeit Security’ Father…   I see this in my culture as well Father with the obsession for seeking security in gathering more and more to ourselves   –   the houses, the ‘homer of seed’ – being I guess Father in our time something like us placing hope in investments, the stock market, 401Ks, and not solely in you.   Lord Jesus, you asked not to lay up treasures for ourselves here on earth.   It is clear Lord, but not so easy in my weak flesh to embrace it Lord.   By your grace, which I know is sufficient Lord, by the measure of faith you give me, help me to understand, and help me guard my heart and actions so that I do not layup treasures here on earth!   Examine my heart Lord and show me if I have crossed the line.   Am I giving enough to those in need   –  to the unemployed, the hungry?   Keep my heart from clinging to things Lord, so that I need not to be ashamed when I come before you.   Amen.”

Isaiah 5: 11-12 (KJV)   Isaiah 5: 11-12 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   More ‘wild grapes’ Father   –   how counterfeit is our joy indeed when we party on without considering you!   All I have ever found true, deep, satisfying joy is in knowing you, blessing you and reveling in your presence Father.   But the lewd revelry of ‘Carnival’ and ‘Mardi Gras’ and endless parties comes to my mind when I read this word from you Father.   Oh Father, save us from ourselves!   You created us   –   and because we belong to you Father, we don’t have an inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness in any way we please.   We only too often foolishly think that we do.   But you Father have given us an inalienable right: to be an extension of your eternal life   –   ‘But to all who did receive Him, who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God’ as your servant John has reminded us.   As your children, teach us by your grace to humble ourselves, love each other, and be servants to each other   –   finding true joy in you in the process.   Thank you Father for the gift of yourself to us.   Amen”

Isaiah 5: 18-19 (KJV)   Isaiah 5: 18-19 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   More ‘wild grapes’ Father   –   how counterfeit is our relationship with you, our ‘confidence’ if we exhibit as you show here a haughtiness that demands we can keep our sins and pull it along with us as a cart…   and not abandon them.   And the ultimate chutzpah   –   while holding onto sins, our demand that God act quickly on our behalf…   Father I know from my walk with you, that you always grant by your Spirit, by your grace   –  which is sufficient, the ability to overcome and set aside sin and anything that is displeasing to you.   You always grant the strength to overcome when I look to you and your word.   Thank you Father!   And Father, this can be subtle  –  so remind me, keep me looking to you, and grant me the grace to often examine myself, so that I quickly set aside anything displeasing to you Father.   For your names’ sake Father.   For your glory Father.   Through Jesus your Son, my God and Savior I thankfully and humbly come before you Father.   Amen”

Isaiah 5: 20 (KJV)   Isaiah 5: 20 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   More ‘wild grapes’ Father   –   How counterfeit are our ethics since we so easily and confusedly call evil, “good”; and good, “evil” in our culture?   Father, forgive and help us change our culture to stop celebrating various lusts with our entertainment and choice lifestyles.   May we not!   With changes beginning in those of us who belong to you, as we humble ourselves and walk in repentance, may our culture repent as well!   Father, forgive us for calling the evil of homosexuality “good” in our culture.   And may we not!   Father, our culture harbors evil in words and actions in your sight.   Have mercy on us Father, and as your light shines in our darkness, may our culture seek you and your path of life instead.   For you have told us Father that those who continue in immorality, idolatry, adultery, greed, drunkenness, lies and various unrighteous acts cannot inherit your kingdom.   These lifestyles are celebrated on TV and in our popular culture.   Father, by your grace may those of us who belong to you not participate, but rather walk in a way of life which is pleasing to you.   The list is long enough.   I begin by examining myself and repent.   Father by your grace may I find, recognize and throw away the self-centeredness, greed, covetousness, pettiness, and various vices in my heart and actions that I want to excuse, ignore and rationalize, and walk in your path instead.   Fill me with the joy of your Spirit in my heart as I walk in your light and way.   And help me Father, not to condemn those who do not know you yet, still walking in darkness.   With your love in my heart, may I always be ready to forgive and point to the hope, and life that is in you.   Amen.”

Isaiah 5: 21-23 (KJV)   Isaiah 5: 21-23 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Heavenly Father,   I see counterfeit “wisdom” and counterfeit “justice” in my culture Father.   By your grace, may I not contribute to it.   Show me how I can best serve you in bringing your light to the darkness in my culture Father, and grant me the strength to obey.   How wise am I regarding my “enemies”   –   am I loving them Lord, as you asked me to?   May I not be wise in my own eyes Father!   By your grace, grant me your wisdom.   And grant us grace in our judicial system, that we would stop being guilty of “buying” justice today with expensive lawyers and our politics.   Certainly Father, as I stand back and consider, the words I read here apply not just to ancient Israel, but aptly describes my culture today as well.   Father, what is your Holy Spirit teaching us through the words you gave to Isaiah?   Father, does it not involve the awful tragedy of a person losing touch with why they are alive and having a relationship with you replaced by temporary, counterfeit things of this world?   I know that you have not changed Father, so I do not doubt that your heart breaks over my culture’s participation in these things, as it did over Isaiah’s culture.   Search our hearts Father God, and in your word, by your Spirit, by your Son, our Savior, may we find the cleansing and healing in our lives that you desire for us.   Amen.”

"A HOLY VISION" - Background Notes re Isaiah Chapter 6 -   Click to READ

Isaiah 6: 1-2 (KJV)   Isaiah 6: 1-2 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father God,   Isaiah saw a glimpse of your transcendence  –   you Father God   –   “high and lifted up” in your holiness.   And, Isaiah saw your garments Father   –   “the train of his robe filled the temple.”   Father, because of your beautiful care, you accommodated Isaiah’s need to see, and allow us to see as well.   You allow me to see as I look into your word.   Thank you Father!   Father, Isaiah does not say how many Seraphim he saw, but your prophet Daniel describes thousands upon thousands serving and ten thousand times ten thousand before you in your court!   The Seraphim covered their face   –   was that to reduce the impact of your brilliance Father?   And they covered their feet  –  covering their finiteness before you, their Creator, Father?   I bow now before you in reverential awe Father.   Thank you for letting me come before you into your high court.   And, Father I know from the Revelation to John that you have in your court golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of your saints.   How humbling that you value so much those who belong to you and come before you with their petitions in the name of your only begotten Son, our Savior, Jesus.   Amen”

Isaiah 6: 3 (KJV)   Isaiah 6: 3 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father God,   Even as that great number of persons and creatures beyond counting before your throne and ready to serve you recognize and call out that you are Holy, Holy, Holy…   Indeed, may my heart agree and fully recognize Father that you are Holy, Exalted, Exalted and worthy of my complete devotion for your perfect goodness, perfect love, perfect and amazing manner of working salvation in your righteousness.   One day Father even as your servant Habakkuk declared   –   the earth will be filled with the knowledge of your glory as the waters cover the sea.   May that day come soon Father!   May your great beauty and splendor secure praise and renown throughout the earth soon, beginning with my heart!   Father, forgive me for times when your praise is not in my heart   -   For you are ever worthy Father.   Plant your praise on my lips and in my heart by your Spirit.   And, may it ever be so.   Amen”

Isaiah 6: 4-7 (KJV)   Isaiah 6: 4-7 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father God,   Your servant Isaiah heard the Seraphim in your court, he felt the foundations shake, he smelt the smoke…   and Isaiah was distressed at his own uncleanliness when he saw you in your glory and holiness…   Father, when I too come before you, impress on me your presence   –   who I am bowing before.   May I know you and you know me through your only begotten Son, and my Savior   –   Jesus.   I too Father recognize that I am utterly lost without you taking away my guilt.   “Woe is me” as well Father, except that you…   Father, you have removed the culpability for my many offenses, you have made amends for my sins!   I bow before you and your perfect, obedient Son, my Savior, Jesus, who has supplied satisfaction for my sins.   Humbly I acknowledge and thank you Father.   Amen.”

Isaiah 6: 8-10 (KJV)   Isaiah 6: 8-10 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Thank you Father God for your servant Isaiah, and for the wonderful example he serves to us, and to me.   What a witness to the faith Isaiah is to all of us!   Father, grant to me a measure of such faith and obedience.   Isaiah was given a difficult message, yet he trusted you Father and obeyed.   The people in Isaiah’s culture should have had a heart to love and be faithful to you Lord   –   after all, they had clearly seen your hand and goodness in their lives and history.   Yet, they rebelled and were hard-hearted.   Father, I see the same around about me.   The people in my culture should have a heart to follow after you Lord   –   after all, we have been much blessed.   Yet, our culture has rebelled and are hard-hearted when it comes to listening to you Father.   And, I have participated.   Have mercy Father and forgive us and me.   Grant me by your grace and Spirit to always take delight in you, that your desires may be the desires of my heart.   Help me to be faithful and obedient in sharing you and your message to a people who are hard-hearted and shun you.   Father, from what your apostle John tells us about this, Isaiah saw your glory and saw the glory of your Son, our Savior.   Father, by your mercy and grace, grant that those of us who belong to you also ever be aware pf your brilliant beauty in our lives and care to please you more than our selfish ways and that of those around us.   May you be blessed in our hearts Father!   Through your son our Savior we come before you with this humbly, and thank you that your hand will be with us.   Amen”

Isaiah 6: 11-13 (KJV); Isaiah 9: 6-7 (KJV)   Isaiah 6: 11-13, 9: 6-7 (ESV)

Prayer:    “Father God,   My heart breaks but then soars with hope because of your amazing goodness, provision and grace.   Father, when I consider my human brothers and sisters and my own heart when not led by your Spirit, our iniquities, like the wind take us away from you and there is no one who calls on your name, as you have so truly commented on our condition.   Lost, when our own nature moves us away from you Father, lover of our souls.   And saved because of your grace and provision…   in my heart rises a high note of hope, for a stump remains   –   ‘a holy seed is its stump’   –   our Savior, your Son, given to us.   And one day the government will be on His shoulder with justice and righteousness established in our lands and in our hearts.   Praise be to you Father for the mighty work indeed that you work in steadfast love and patience towards us, saving through your Son, and through your Son, Jesus, I humbly present myself and these words from my heart before you now Father.   Amen.”

Isaiah 7: 4, 11-12; 8: 6, 16, 18; 9: 9-10; 10:5-6 (ESV)

Prayer:    Father God,   What was behind the reckless folly of Judah’s rejection of you?   And what is behind my culture’s rejection of you?   It almost seems that while wanting help, my culture also rejects it, because they don’t want your   help Father.   Accepting help from you cuts our style and pride.   It requires accepting your Son, Immanuel, Jesus as LORD and giving you glory that we would take to ourselves.   Forgive us Father, and grant us repentance.   Father, I hear your words   -   “Be careful, be quiet, do not fear, and do not let your heart be faint…”   and “Ask a sign of the LORD your God; let it be deep as Sheol or high as heaven.”   But Ahaz said, “I will not ask…”.   The people “refused the waters of Shiloah that flow gently”,   so received flood waters from you Father, and said “in pride and in arrogance of heart:   ‘The bricks have fallen, but we will build with dressed stones…”...   I know that you desire that those you call out to would find security only in you.   Are we so different in my culture Father?   Do you not call to us, and what is our response Father?   Repentance, dependence on you and resting in you, setting aside our own ambitions, pursuits and pleasures is a choice so easily set aside by most.   It has been true in my own life.   I am so thankful Father that you have not easily given up on me and my culture…   By your grace, grant repentance Father.   Father, I see that in order to bring your people to a point of dependence and rest in you, you Father chose Assyria as your tool of chastisement.   “In that day the LORD will whistle…”   “Ah, Assyria, the rod of my anger; the staff in their hand is my fury...against a godless nation I send him…to take spoil and seize plunder”.   And the cities of Judah fell one by one, like dominoes, to the army of Assyria, in keeping with your good, and not-so-easy-for-us-to-see purpose.   And, though your servant Isaiah hoped for some of his contemporaries to return to you Father, Isaiah knew that the only One Who would truly bring them and us back to you Father, is your “Great Light,” Messiah, Whom I have come to know to be your Son, our Savior, Jesus!   Father God, You know how to deal with the hardness in all our hearts.   We are safe trusting you to that.   And your Son, Whom you have commissioned, is the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”   –   He is to be respectfully and fearfully regarded.   He would tear asunder and utterly destroy all the abominations in our lives that would keep us from coming to You Father for healing.   Thank you Father!   For, The Lion of Judah wants to tear out our lusts and the rebellion of our hearts, all of our covetousness and greed, all that governs our hearts other than Him   –   for all these things would destroy us.   Father, I take it that your Son and our Savior’s utterly self-sacrificing and completely steadfast love for us means that He must come in wrath on these outrages in our hearts for our own good   –   to save and redeem us, to restore us to wholesomeness.   Thank you Father!   Through your Son, so thankfully my Savior, I come before you Father, Amen”


At this time, I think that it is good to remind you of something that I said in the introduction to this section:   “Praying from your heart is by far preferred over praying the examples I set forth here as kindling.   I am confident the Lord would rather hear directly from you.   So, open your bibles, read, listen and pray!”

For this reason, I believe that it good to pause for now from posting examples of praying Isaiah, so as to urge you to pray God’s word directly, fostering your sweet communion with the Lord.   I am firmly convinced that when you come before the Lord in prayer, it is your heart He is delighted to hear from, as He works His word in you.

If you continue in Isaiah, may I suggest that you consider next ISAIAH 11: 1-3?   Here, our Father God describes the Spirit in His Son and our Savior. Might not we ask our Father God grant His Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might knowledge and fear of the LORD to us as well?

I will be praying that you be much blessed dear reader as you abide in His word and in our Living Word.   -  Jim B.

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