Cry For Me Argentina!


“Cry for me Argentina” contains excerpts from the messages given in City Bell, Argentina in 1951...

Translated from Spanish, they have been re-grouped according to subjects, and are not necessarily presented in the order given.

In 1951, Argentina experienced profound revival. These messages speak to my heart as from the heart of our Father God regarding brokenness, cleansing, discipleship, obedience, prayer, truth and victory.

And, this heart cry applies not only to Argentina in 1951, but is timeless across cultures, and as such is applicable to us in contemporary America as well as the world at large today.

Prayerfully, hopefully, we will receive inspiration for our own repentance, praying, thinking, writing, and spiritual growth.
- Jim B.


A Call to Brokenness

You ask me to break you;
I draw near to do it;
and you flee from me.
Do you wish to be broken?
Think well.

I want your heart,
Contrite and humbled;
Thus I can work.

If you go down,
You go up.
If you go up,
You go down.

Humble yourselves
And I will exalt you.
With all naturalness,
Simplicity and humility
I will do my work in you.
Humble yourselves

Without submission, you will
not be able to obtain.
Continue going down
day after day.

Don't be surprised that when
you have gone
Completely down,
I will raise you up
From there.


A Call to Cleansing

Pure is my presence
Be holy because I am holy.
Prepare yourself.
You are an instrument
In my hands;
But my instrument
Is not dirty. Reach out your hand -
But clean.
Not only your hand
But your heart.
Extend your hand
Together with your heart.

I can, without any difficulty
Take your heart
And cleanse it.
But how am I going to do it
If you have not given it over
To me entirely?

You cannot give your heart
Over into my hands
And maintain it yourself.

I walk slowly among you:
I am looking at your heart.
Do not place holiness
On top of sin;
First take away the sin.

Your "I" must not be there;
It must disappear.

Take away from you
Your personal ego.
Certainly it will hurt!
A fishhook enters easily
But wounds when it comes out.

If you do not learn of me,
What will you teach?
If you do not pass
Through the fire,
How will you speak
Of the fire in my hand;
I must burn everything. Everything that is
Within your heart I see.
Do you know what I see?
A forest of evil to burn.
I can only burn it
If you let me. Certainly in my kingdom,
There must not be
Any filthy thing
That belongs to thee.
Because of this,
I must reduce it all
To ashes.
So I can put
My kingdom there,
And go dwell therein.

I want to put my hand
With purifying fire
Within your soul.
Your heart will burn
Together with your being.
But I must burn
If you will allow me to.
All stains will disappear.

A multitude of abominations
I see within your heart
Of which you are unaware;
But I see them clearly.

All of this I must burn;
It is pain to your body
But it is joy to your soul
Allow me to work in you.

Do not leave me.
I am letting you know
In order that you will not flee
When the moment arrives.

Is your heart burning?
A great forest
I have to burn,
Huge trunks
Embedded in the depths
Which will wound you.
But do not fear;
Allow me to take them out.
I will heal the wounds tenderly.

Without a clean heart -
A humbled heart
I will not bless you.

With egotism, personal pride
You will be
Nothing more than statues
Which I will take
Out of my presence.

All that you see
That appears wrong
To your eyes
Is my plan;
Which you will not understand
Until all be fulfilled.

You are a mountain of seeds
With refuse.

And many imperfections
Which I have to pass
Through the wind;
In order that only those
Which give the fruit
That I wish remain.
You are the seeds;
I am passing you
Through the sieve.

Allow me to enter your heart;
I can transform you.

Do you know me?
Do you know who I am?
You Father -
He who changes lives
And makes the black
turn to white.

"To be...or not to be."
Be as I want.


A Call to Discipleship

Who is first in your life?
How much time
Do you spend for me?
and for yourself?
Half? No!
Everything or nothing.

It will not be agreeable
Neither pleasant
To leave everything for me.

The natural of this world
Will pass away;
But I am eternal.

Don't be afraid
To leave father, mother
Or whatsoever
You most love here
For me.
You will shine;
But I shall refine.
There is war
Between me and you;
But I will take care of it.
My promises are faithful;
I will not fail them.

How many of you
Will enter the ranks
Of the givers of their lives
For the souls that perish?
How many are ready
To follow me?

Of all I called
Not all I chose.
Seek to be chosen.

Thinkest thou that all is easy?
Certainly thou was not safe.
Yet thou art
In a precious place,
In a place of comfort.
But Someone
Paid a great fortune for thee.
Greater than all the wealth
Of the earth.

Count all the times
That I failed my promises.
I am faithful to my promises.

The manner in which I work,
The human mind
Cannot understand,
nor reason.

Why do you doubt
And say I am not with you,
In the very moment
That I am guiding your lives?

I am thy God.
Thou shalt have
No one in the world as I am.
I will uphold thee;
I will clothe thee;
I will live with thee.
Permit me
To enter within thee.

Be patient!
Learn to wait in me.
Waiting and believing
You will receive.
Do not become desperate
Nor say when.
Leave it in my hands.
Only wait for me.

Why do you trust
In your mind and ideas?
Trust in me.

Ask of me in faith
That you will receive it;
And I will give it to you.

I am thy God who giveth
Abundant life to thee.

Confidence in my words
Is of great importance.


A Call to Life, Light and Love

I will give you life.
Not poor and weak life
But life in me.

Rivers of virtue
Flowing out from me
Enter into you
To flow out to the world.

Is God a God of lies?
I am faithful -
and you?

You are but a shadow.
If I take my light away
You will certainly disappear.
I am a God of light.

Can you measure
My love for you?
It is great;
It is high -
As high as from you to me,
Deep and wide.

With eternal love,
I have loved you.
With love, I will pardon
Your iniquities.

Love without pretense.
I do not desire from you
Feigned love.
I desire that you love me
In truth -
And with all your heart.

If you love me;
Do as I command you.

What have you done
With the love
That I gave you?
Why do you not love
One another?
Have you not learrned
Of me?
You should not look
To others
Look only to me.

Love one another with the love
That I gave you.
If those surrounding you
Who already love you
You do not love,
How will you be able
To love those
Who hate you?

Don't cease from loving
Your enemies
And your neighbors.
Many suffer pain,
Illness, anguish,
And sadness because of sin.
Call to them!
Intercede for them!

Can the world
Now see me in you?
And can they contemplate
My love and my goodness?
Of my love you have received.
Give of my love.


A Call to Obedience

You cannot come to me
Anyway you like,
Without having first decided
to be under my hand.

I need you to be ready to do
Not what you wish,
But that which I wish.

Fulfill faithfully everything
I order you to do.
But not ahead of me to do
That which I ordain not.

Do not fear to make a mistake
Fear must come out of you.
If you do not do
All that I say unto you,
You can appear to be like me
But you are not.

In you I cannot work,
You do not continually do
What I tell you to do.

It is not sufficient
That you pray to me.
You have to live
According to my will.

Do not give place
To your enemy.
Subject yourselves to me,
And to those
That I am directing
With my hand upon them.

Are you willing to fulfill my will?
Do you desire -
All that is my will?

Will you do -
According to my sayings?
I found many before you
Who promised me
In a great way
To do my will
To walk according
To my commandments,
But I found in them:
Indisposition, deceit, fear,
And love for themselves.

Do not permit your life
To enter into lightness.
Do all that is pleasing to me,
And subject yourselves
To my will.

Walk in my way;
Don't depart from it.
For if you wander away,
With difficulty
You will return.

Learn from the life of Jonah.
Silence not the truth;
But give not my pearls
Before swine.


A Call to Prayer

What are you seeking?
What are you looking for?
Seek God!
What you are looking for
Is in my hands.

The desire to cry unto me
Must burn in you.

Day and night
Cry out to me.
Don't be careless.
Cry out to me.
I am your Father.

Don't waste time;
Seek my face.

Do not fear to seek me alone.
What I will give you;
You will find alone.

You must pray to me
It doesn't matter
Where you are,
Nor what duty
you are fulfilling.
Pray to me.

Continue digging
For when
You least anticipate it,
You will find great riches.

Pray without ceasing.
It is not necessary for you
To be on your knees
All the time.

Habit prayer? No!
In spirit and in truth.

Child, where am I?
Am I only there
Where you are on your knees?
Don't you know
That I am by your side
Even when you are resting.

I wish to be with you
Without ceasing
Take care that you do not
Exclude me
Even for a moment.

Wherever you find yourselves,
Continue crying out.
How do you expect to be
As I am
If you do not even pray?

Don't sleep spiritually.
If you sleep
I will pass by your side,
And you will not see me.

My greatness is offered to you
Because you are thirsty.
But you did not drink
Of the water I gave you;
You drank of that which
I did not give you.

Do not think that because
I do not go to you
With manifestations of power
And answers
To your petitions,
I have forgotten you.

Do not think
That I have forgotten you,
If you do not see
My answer soon.
All that you go through
Praying in truth
Brings you nearer to me.
Call out!
Even though you see
An Impossibility before you.

If you do not have to suffer,
Wrestle, cry,
Wear out your body,
And wait -
How can you appreciate
That which I give to you?

Everything is working out
For good,
Continue seeking me
With patience
And with continued humility.


A Call to Suffering

Certainly you will have
To suffer.
But what do you prefer?
To suffer
And have me dwell in you?
Or not to suffer
And be simply human
Before me?
What is the human
In my presence?
Only abomination to me.

Do not think that
The path you run is
Roses without thorns;
Of thorns
There are multitudes.

In the moment of the test
Fix your eyes upon me;
And face together with me
The situation I put
Before you.

You will have to suffer
Cold, hunger, persecution
And even death.

Seek refuge,
I will not let you
Be overcome
By the host of enemies.

Throw thyself into my hands.
Thou shalt not perish.
But my Sun of Righteousness
Shall shine before thee.


A Call to Truth

Do not allow yourself
To be deceived
By your heart.
I look at it
And great evil it has.
But don't trust
In what it tells you.
Look only to me.

Don't allow yourself
To be blinded
By false ideas
Formed in your heart.
Don't trust in it;
It deceives you.
Don't have confidence in it;
For it betrays you.

I have conquered the one
Who puts confusion
In your mind.

Before me
There is nothing hidden;
I am He
Who searches your heart;
I know of what things
You have need.

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